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Since La Niña and The Floods, I have noticed that Aussies talk about the weather as much as the Brits. I have recorded weather details in my diary every day since we arrived in Brisbane. On May 1st I wrote, 'Fine sunny start. Warm, glorious. How it should be all the time.'

There followed many more sunny days, but increasingly chilly nights. We first used our fan heater on May 11th. Stormy weather threatened at both the beginning and the end of May, and as ever produced some interesting skies. Dark grey amassed over Manly marina one weekday lunchtime, interrupting what was basically a fine day in Moreton Bay...
A couple of weeks or so later, sunlight struggling hard through low cloud created a monochromatic Manly during the farmers' market (on the third Saturday of every month).
May-June was a good few weeks for cloudscapes...
...and complete rainbows. This one coincided with the first day of winter, which in Australia is June 1st.
The Moon in June
There was a stunning full moon...

...and a lunar eclipse (photographed by my friend while I was away).
Fauna and flora
Signs of the times

An unexpected pleasure

Sydney: the overs